One thought on “[] Heather Gables painful assfuck in ‘Her First Anal Sex 1’ scene 1”

  1. Haha. Hey girls. I’ve been there done that. My first anal experience made me CRY. It was SOOOO painufl. My boyfriend suggested the idea at first, and I didn’t like it. He then stopped asking me to do so when he noticed that I didn’t like it/it hurt. But I was persistent that I experience and like anal on my own terms..SO: I watched a lot of anal porn, and when I’d masturbate to it, I’d put the tip of my finger in my anus. That made my anus more accustomed to penetration. Also, the next few times weren’t enjoyable either. I remember when I wanted to do it, I basically held in the weirdness. It felt like my poop couldn’t make up it’s mind whether to stay or go. Eventually, after a FEW anal tries, you learn to look past the initial discomfort. NOW, I enjoy anal SO VERY MUCH.

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